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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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It makes all the honey for me!


Honey Chests are a type of Chest exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. They have 9 slots and can be found within Mant Hills.

These chests have the unique ability to turn Nectar into Honey after 1/10 of day (48 seconds) of being in the chest. The player does not have to leave the Mant Hill for this transformation to occur.

Upon finding a Honey Chest, it will likely be filled with 9 Honey, one per slot. The player does not have to spread their Nectar out this way, however. For example, placing a stack of 20 Nectar in one slot will produce a stack of 20 Honey in its place. Honey will not spoil while inside the chest.

Honey chests can be hammered, however, they are not craftable and yield nothing, so it is not recommended.

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