Electric Isosceles

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Gives me an uneasy feeling.


An Electric Isosceles is an object found in the deep Ocean in the Shipwrecked DLC. Electric Isosceles appear as electrified white triangles in the ocean and expand when approached by a player. They act as the Shipwrecked version of Worm Holes. Sailing through them transports the player and their Boat to another Electric Isosceles elsewhere on the map. Like Worm Holes, they can also be given items to transport to the other end. There are 6 Electric Isosceles pairs (in total 12 individual Electric Isosceles) in most worlds and each Electric Isosceles only connects to the other Electric Isosceles of the same pair. Often they can end on two different sides of the ocean.

Traveling through an Electric Isosceles costs 15 Sanity Meter.png. Sanity can be quickly drained by repeatedly traveling between them.

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  • Electric Isosceles are a reference to the Bermuda Triangle. This is confirmed by their spawn code.

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