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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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I can reasonably deduce it will attempt to assassinate me.


Striking Statues are variants of the Striking Carving Trap in the Hamlet DLC that take the form of a small pig. Like those, they are only found in the Ancient Pig Ruins and triggered when Lost Relics in the room are chiseled or mined, or when the player steps on a Pressure Plate. In addition to shooting Blow Darts which have 34 damage each, these statues start to rotate clockwise when triggered.

Striking Statues can be disarmed using Disarming Tools and dropping a Blow Dart, but can also be destroyed with a Hammer, dropping a few Rocks. Attempting to hammer a trap will trigger it, if it has not been triggered already.

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The dart the statue spews at characters.

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  • Striking Statue was added in the March 18, 2019 update.