Compromising Statue

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I made a compromise with wilderness.


The Compromising Statue is an object exclusive to the Pocket Edition of Don't Starve. When the player creates a world with the No-Sweat preset applied, it will spawn. Upon death, the statue will revive the player and will drop 1-2 Rocks, along with 2 Flint.

Nightmare Fuel.png Resurrection

Below are listed player's stats upon revival.

  • HealthMeter.png is set to 75
  • HungerMeter.png is set to 100
  • SanityMeter.png is set to 150
  • Penalties that normally afflict the player upon death and in other revival circumstances, such as empty inventory (items can be recovered at the place of death, as long as they haven't been destroyed by any means) and reset of most character abilities (Wilson and Webber will be beardless; WX-78 loses all Gears.)

Prototype.png Tips

  • Fighting a group of Mobs or Boss Monsters near the Compromising Statue may result in the player being killed repeatedly, as the statue resurrects them without any items.
  • Due to the Compromising Statue being able to be used infinitely without penalty, it may be plausible to intentionally die in order to regain stats if the player has either under 75 Health, 100 Hunger, or 150 Sanity, and they're also near the Compromising Statue to recieve their items back.

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