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Tis the machine fröm my visiön.


The Astral Detector is an Item exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. It requires 1 Moon Rock and 1 Thulecite to craft and requires the Blueprint unlocked by the Distilled Knowledge from a blue Fountain of Knowledge to prototype.

It can be placed on the ground to indicate the direction of the nearest buried Celestial Sanctum Piece, the Celestial Altar Pieces or the Celestial Tribute (in the form of Crab King, who will drop the Inactive form of the tribute the first time it is killed).

It has 10 uses. Hammering an Astral detector gives back all the ingredients, thus it is possible to craft a full one at no cost.


Willow Portrait.png
Point the way!


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Is pointing way no more.

Wolfgang, when all pieces have been found.

Once placed on the ground, the Astral Detector will point a beam in the direction of the nearest Celestial Piece 5 seconds later. The direction arrow stays visible for 1 day. The order of detection is the following:

  1. Buried Celestial Sanctum Pieces.
  2. Any sunk Celestial Pieces as Underwater Salvageable.
  3. Inviting Formation.
  4. The Crab King if the Inactive Celestial Tribute has not yet dropped.

If a Celestial Sanctum Piece is buried not farther than 1 tile, the Astral Detector drills the ground and reveals the Celestial Sanctum Piece.

Both Celestial Sanctum Pieces are buried on the main island. The Astral Detector does not indicate anything underground if it is used in the Caves.

Once all the celestial parts have been found, or if used in the caves, the astral detector no longer disassembles itself and remains active indefinitely. In this state it emits a permanent light in a small radius.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Astral Detector was introduced in the Forgotten Knowledge update.
  • It used to not lose durability when digging a celestial piece, when placed on caves and on the surface with all the celestial sanctum pieces uncovered.
  • Initially the Astral detector required 1 Moon Rock and 2 Thulecite Fragments to craft.

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