Great Tree Trunk

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The Great Tree Trunk is an indestructible Plant object exclusive to Don't Starve Together and introduced in the Waterlogged beta. They can be rammed into with a boat to drop Cut Grass, Twigs, and a Knobbly Tree Nut, it takes about one day to regrow a new Knobbly Tree Nut. Ramming into the trunk will also alert any nearby Sea Striders, causing them to emerge from their Sea Strider Nests to investigate.

Each Great Tree Trunk will extend a circular canopy over a large area around them. The shade from the canopy protects objects under it from wildfires in the Summer, reduces 35% Wetness from Rain, and mitigates Overheating (180). If Lightning strikes an area under the canopy it will be blocked and some items will fall from the canopy instead.

Grass Gators will fall from the canopy on occasion, with up to one Gator spawning per trunk.

If less than 10 Fireflies are under the canopy, there is a 70% chance one firefly will spawn per day.

Great Tree Root

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Some stray bits of tree.


Great Tree Roots spawn around Great Tree Trunks and can be chopped or rammed with a boat to produce Driftwood Pieces. Tree roots do not respawn.

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