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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Willow Portrait.png
Huh. That's... weird.

Willow, when examining a full Salt Formation.

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Oh my... they seem to form that way naturally.

Wickerbottom, when examining a medium or small Salt Formation.

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Nothing left for Wolfgang to break.

Wolfgang, when examining an empty Salt Formation.

A Salt Formation is a naturally spawning object exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. They are stationary obstacles located in Brine Shoal set pieces in the ocean. When hit by a Boat, they cause damage to its health. They might also be destroyed themselves if enough damage is done.

Salt Formations have 4 stages. The stump stage cannot be mined, worked on or destroyed. Mining the small stage or the medium stage drops 1 Salt Crystals and 1 Rocks. Mining the full stage drops 1 Salt Crystals with a 50% chance of one extra and 1 Rocks. It takes 10 Pickaxe hits to mine from the full stage. While Salt Crystals float on the water, some of the Rocks may sink into the ocean and cannot be retrieved. Each stage regrows in 7 to 11 days.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Salt Formations were introduced in the Salty Dog beta update.
  • Their human-like appearance could be a reference to the biblical story of Lot's wife, in which she was turned into a salt statue.

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