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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: Winter's Feast icon.png Winter's Feast

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Lovely job on the tree, dears.


Winter's Feast Trees can be grown by planting a Pine Cone, a Birchnut, a Twiggy Tree Cone or Palmcone Sprout in a Festive Tree Planter. Like regular Evergreens, Birchnut Trees, Twiggy Trees and Palmcone Trees, they take four stages to grow, however, once they are fully grown, they will stop their life cycle.

When fully grown, players have the ability to decorate the Winter's Feast Tree with Winter Ornaments and certain Winter Foods. Like Backpacks, Winter's Feast Trees have eight item slots, allowing for eight different ornaments to be placed on them. Each slot corresponds to a specific spot on the tree. The trees can also serve as light sources, if they are decorated with Festive Lights.

Winter's Feast Trees can be chopped with an Axe, dropping the resources of its respective tree and of equal size drops, as well as any Ornaments placed on them. The Festive Tree Planter will also be destroyed and drop its crafting materials.

If a player sleeps within two pitchfork tiles of a Winter's Feast Tree, a Gift will appear under the tree. In order to receive the Gift, the player must sleep in darkness, without light. The player can also sleep with a weak Thermal Stone inventory light, or sleep with between 1 and 5 Festive Lights on the Winter's Feast Tree. A soft ringing of a bell will be heard shortly after the player goes to sleep (or when darkness sufficiently engulfs the Winter's Feast Tree), and waking up any time afterwards will allow the player to see the Gift next to the tree.

This feature has a cooldown of four days for a Gift of valuable items. If a player tries to obtain another valuable Gift during the cooldown or attempts to obtain more than one valuable Gift from multiple Winter's Feast Trees, any additional Gifts will instead only contain one Charcoal and a Winter's Feast treat. The following table lists the items that can be obtained from the Gift. Trinkets, Festive Baubles, and Festive Lights can also be obtained from these Gifts (not listed in table):

Days since last gift Tree Decorations Possible Gift Contents
Less than 4 Any One Charcoal.png and one of Gingerbread Cookie.pngSugar Cookie.pngCandy Cane.pngEternal Fruitcake.pngChocolate Log Cake.pngPlum Pudding.pngApple Cider.pngHot Cocoa.pngHeavenly Eggnog.png
4 or more Partially Decorated Moon Rock.png (30%) Gears.png (15%) Beefalo Hat.png Winter Hat.png Rabbit Earmuffs.png Cat Cap.png Moggles.png (7.5%)

Compass.png (4.5%) Sewing Kit.png Red Gem.png Blue Gem.png (3%) Green Gem.png Orange Gem.png Yellow Gem.png (1.5%)

Fully Decorated Gears.png Moon Rock.png Tam o' Shanter.png Walking Cane.png (14%) Red Gem.png Blue Gem.png Green Gem.png Orange Gem.png Yellow Gem.png Pan Flute.png (7%)

Like regular trees, Winter's Feast Trees are able to provide protection from Rain and Overheating for players close to it.

Festive Tree Planter

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We can plant a Winter's Feast tree.


The Festive Tree Planter is a craftable Structure located in the Decorations Filter and Structures Filter and requires 2 Manure and 1 Board to craft. It is always available to craft during the Winter's Feast Event and does not require prototyping.

Festive Tree Planters can be Hammered like other craftable Structures, as long as they are empty or the planted Winter's Feast Tree is still a sapling. Otherwise they have to be removed by chopping the planted Tree with an Axe. Destroying a Festive Tree Planter will return 1 Boards and 1 Manure, as well as a Pine Cone, Birchnut or Twiggy Tree Cone, if a sapling was growing in the planter.

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