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Carcasses are the dead bodies of creatures. Besides the Koalefant Carcass, all of them appear after killing a certain mob under certain conditions. They can be burned to avoid their respective spawn.

Hound Carcass

Hound Carcasses have a 50% chance of staying after any Hound was killed on Lunar Island, during a Moonstorm or if it was spawned by a Possessed Varg. After a couple of seconds of being on the ground, a single Horror Hound will jump out of the Carcass.

Koalefant Carcass

Tracking a Suspicious Dirt Pile with a Hound's Tooth on it will eventually lead to a Koalefant Carcass surrounded by a Varg and some Hounds which will progressively eat from the Carcass. The Carcass will disappear once the Varg and Hounds have been defeated or after the Varg bites its bones once it's done eating.

The Koalefant Carcass will have 2 Meat and 1 Koalefant Trunk dropped around it. The Varg and its Hounds will not eat them as long as the Carcass still has meat on it.

The Koalefant Carcass has four stages as it is being eaten: it is fully intact in the first stage; in its second and third stage, its top half will disappear, revealing the Koalefant's spine and ribcage, and in the fourth stage all meat will be gone from it, leaving only some bones behind.

Boss Carcasses

This content is available only after activating the Map Icon Lunar Rift.png Lunar Rift
When a Lunar Rift is active in the world, killing Deerclops, Bearger or Varg will leave their respective Boss Carcass on the ground. After some time, a Brightshade Gestalt will appear and float to the Carcass. Afterwards, it enters the Carcass and reanimates the fallen Mob. The Deerclops, Bearger and Varg Carcasses will turn into Crystal Deerclops, Armored Bearger and, Possessed Varg, respectively.

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  • Be quick about Hound Carcasses, as setting on fire while its emerging animation is already playing will still spawn a Horror Hound after attempting to burn it.

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