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Wagstaff Portrait.png
Delivers a pragmatic shock wave of ground reverberations.

Wagstaff, when examining the Thumper

The Thumper is a Character-specific Structure craftable only by Wagstaff. It is found in the Tinkering Tab, and requires 1 Gears, six Flint, and two Hammers to craft.

The Thumper can be used to destroy nearby Structures, boulders, Trees and uproots plants by creating a shockwave when activated. If the Thumper hits a player or Mob, it will do 30 Health Meter.png in damage.

Thumper's destruction radius is 9 units around itself (2.25 tiles) and damage radius is 5 units (1.25 tiles).

Prototype.png Tips

  • The Thumper is an effective way to indirectly kill neutral mobs, such as Beefalo, Royal Guards, or even Moslings.
  • The Thumper's prominent use is to farm trees by planting a bunch of them near the Thumper, waiting for them to grow, and then activating it to harvest all the trees at once. Notably, Palm Trees cannot be renewably farmed using the Thumper, as the Thumper will halve the Coconuts dropped, rendering them unplantable.
  • It can be used by characters other than Wagstaff by placing it as him and switching characters.

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