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Safe and secure, eh?

Woodie, Examining a stone wall.

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I'm not sure why I can carry so many of these.

Wickerbottom, Examining a stone wall item.

The Stone Wall is the second strongest of the four walls, second only to the Thulecite Wall. It is crafted as an Item and deployed as a Structure that prevents movement by both creatures and characters. A Stone Wall is first built in its second tier but can be repaired (upgraded) into a third or fourth tier by adding another piece of Stone Wall or enough Rocks or Cut Stone. It can be attacked to reduce it to first tier and then destroyed, leaving a destroyed Stone Wall. Hammering the wall will yield two Rocks from fourth tier and one Rock from other tiers. It has 200 health when first built and a maximum of 400 health. In repairs, one rock will add considerably less health to the wall than one stone wall will.  Since it ultimately takes six rocks to make six stone walls, using rocks directly to repair a wall is very inefficient.  Likewise using cut stone is a loss versus using another piece of stone wall.  In addition, the cost to fully repair a completely destroyed wall is much higher than just breaking the wall down with a hammer, and starting fresh.  Once they are broken down completely it can take eight or nine pieces of wall to completely build back up to a top level wall, due to the way the repair function works.

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