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The Football Helmet is a wearable Armor, crafted in the Fight tab. It requires 1 Pig Skin and 1 Rope to craft, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

It has a Durability of 450 and absorbs 80% of all physical damage. Not factoring the armor's durability, the Football Helmet effectively increases a player's hp to 750 for the average 150 hp survivor.

The Football Helmet can be given to a Pig or Bunnyman to wear to increase their HP by 450.

The Football Helmet may also be found in an Ornate Chest, which spawns in the Ruins.

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In the Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked and Hamlet DLCs, the Football Helmet provides 20% Wetness resistance.

In the Hamlet DLC, the Football Helmet is used to craft the Mant Mask.

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  • The Football Helmet is valuable, as it keeps the player protected without losing the Body slot for items such as a Backpack or an Insulated Pack so the player can be more efficient in collecting resources while staying safe. It is recommended to keep at least 1 Football Helmet with you just in case of a potential ambush.

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