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Just a bit of venom and some dirty old ash.


Healing Salve is a healing item that recovers 20 Health. It requires 1 Spider Gland, 2 Ashes, and 1 Rock to craft. It is a tier 2 healing item.

Healing Salve may be easier to craft than Honey Poultice, depending on one's resources, as the recipe for the Honey Poultice require Reeds, which are only found in the Marsh biome. Honey Poultice is a tier 3 healing item and heals 30 Health.

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In the Hamlet DLC, Healing Salve can be bought for 4 Oincs at the Curly Tails Mud Spa in the Pig City.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Healing Salve was added in the Doorway to Adventure update.
  • According to Wilson, Willow and Wendy, the healing salve stings when applied.
  • A salve is a medical ointment used to protect and promote healing of the skin.

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