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Ashes are an Item dropped after a flammable object has been burnt by Fire (some exceptions such as Trees), including the remnants of a Campfire and a destroyed Pig Torch or Fire Pit. Ashes will also replace any item that is not allowed to be carried through to the next World via the Teleportato (e.g. the Eye Bone or Webber's Skull). Ashes are also an ingredient for crafting Healing Salve. Moleworms will take them like minerals such as rocks or flint.

Mobs that are killed by fire will drop Ashes in place of any flammable item in their loot table or the cooked version of their Meats. Red Hounds always drop 3 Ashes when killed. Ashes are blown away by the wind after being on the ground for 20 seconds (picking it up and then dropping it again resets the timer). Burning a stack of items will yield the same amount of Ashes. For example, burning 40 Twigs will result in 40 Ashes.

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In the Reign of Giants DLC, the Dragonfly will burn any flammable objects to turn them into Ashes to eat. After eating 20 Ashes, she will fall asleep.

In the Shipwrecked DLC, Ashes can be obtained when Ash Trees are chopped in the Volcano or when a Lava Pool is allowed to extinguish naturally. Ashes are required to fertilize Coffee Plants and Elephant Cacti. Additionally, any flammable items put inside of fire Packim Baggims will be turned into Ashes upon closing and opening it again.

In the Hamlet DLC, Ashes are required to craft Cultivated Turf and Dense Turf.

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  • Due to their abundance and minimal use, Pine Cones and Jungle Tree Seeds are good candidates to burn and get Ashes.
  • In DST, they can be farmed by setting a Mush Gnome on fire where it will spawn multiple Lunar Spores that will quickly burn and turn into Ashes.

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