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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Hyuyu! It looks tasty.


Wortox can eat these to heal 25 Health and lose 5 Sanity.

They can be released to heal all survivors nearby, max healing is 20 health which drops 2 points for each extra survivor to a minimum of 5 health.

He can also spend Souls to Soul Hop which teleports him.

If Wortox holds more than 20 Souls, he will release half and them and lose 20 Sanity.

-Scrapbook Description

A Soul is an item exclusive to Wortox in Don't Starve Together. It spawns when a mob or other player dies within 20 units of Wortox. It will flow to Wortox when he is within 8 units of the Soul. If it is not collected within 10 seconds, it will disappear.

They can be consumed by Wortox for 25 Hunger Meter.png at the cost of 5 Sanity Meter.png. When released, the Soul will heal Wortox and allies within 8 units. The healing amount scales depending on the amount of allies nearby. The maximum is 20 Health Meter.png, and the minimum is 5 Health Meter.png. Each additional player decreases the value by 2, until the minimum is reached.

Wortox can spend one Soul to be able to Soul Hop, or teleport, a short distance. This functions in the same manner as the Lazy Explorer, except it does not cost any Sanity. When Soul Hopping twice in a short time span, called "Soul Echo", the second one will not cost another Soul. At the cost of Souls, Wortox can also right-click anywhere on the Map to teleport to that space, if it has already been explored. The cost of the teleport is equivelant to the amount of Soul Hops and Soul Echoes required to get there manually, and is indicated by a text below the cursor.

If Wortox tries to hold more than 20 Souls at once, he will drop half of them and lose 20 Sanity Meter.png. He gives warnings about holding too many Souls before it happens. The dropped Souls will heal Wortox and the allies next to him. It is not possible to store Souls in any container or Backpack to avoid this. If it is attempted, it will make the same sound as if it was rejected in a Crock Pot. Other characters cannot hold Souls, and they cannot inspect them.

The following is a table showing how many Souls that Mobs can drop:

Mob Amount of Souls
WX-78, all Clockwork Mobs, Shadow Creatures, Shadow Pieces, Shadow Puppets, Balloons, Walls, Structures, Lureplant, Relics, Baby Tentacles, Bernie (all forms) None
Most Mobs and characters excluding WX-78 and Webber 1
Webber 2
Boss Monsters (Deerclops, Bearger, Moose/Goose, Dragonfly, etc.) 7-8

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The icon of the Soul is similar in shape to that of the Nightmare Fuel.
  • WX-78 will not drop any soul, as they have none.
  • Webber will drop two souls, implying the boy and the spider he's composed of remain two separate entities.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • On Console, characters other than Wortox can pick up and inspect Souls using their default quote for items that they have no string for ("It's a... thing."). In other characters' inventories, Souls can stack to 40.

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