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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Aren't they beautiful?


When a creature dies while on fire, they drop an etherial ember of some burnt essence of life.

When Willow attunes with her lighter, eventually she can sense and collect Ethereal Ember with it.

Willow can learn to use embers for a variety of Pyrokinetics.

-Scrapbook Description

Ethereal Ember are an Item exclusive to Don't Starve Together. They are dropped by all Mobs when they die while on Fire, except for Butterflies and Birds. Ethereal Ember can only be collected by Willow with her Lighter when the Ember Tender skill is unlocked. Unlike Souls, Ethereal Ember don't despawn and don't have a limit in Willow's inventory, but can't be stored in containers like Backpacks or Chests. They stack up to 40 items and can be recollected when dropped on Death.

Willow can use Ethereal Ember to cast spells when one of these skills are unlocked:

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  • Ethereal Ember were introduced in the Skill Spotlight: Wigfrid & Willow update.
  • Ethereal Ember was called "Hot Embers" in beta.
  • Ethereal Ember is not really an ember, it is set to be an immaterial manifestation of a burnt creature, so it gets appearance similar with Wortox's Soul.[1]

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  1. Ember design and mechanic proposals: "The design of the Embers were intentionally designed to be similar to souls as they are not actually embers. They are an immaterial manifestation of a burnt creature. They had enough similarities to Wortox's Souls that we wanted to have a similar look as well. " Posted December 15, 2023