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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

An exotic seed that is very demanding on its growing conditions. There's a time and place for everything...

-Scrapbook Description

Surprising Seeds can be found in Sunken Chests. Sunken Chests have a 10% chance to drop them, with the chance increasing gradually until day 150 at which point there is a 60% chance for Surprising Seeds to drop.

Seeds have two conditions, and in order for them to grow into a sapling, one of them must be met. Each seed has a turf it needs to be placed on and a season during which it grows. Gloomthorns will grow in these conditions: Winter or Marsh Turf. Sproutrocks will grow in these conditions: Summer or Rocky Turf. Examining a Surprising Seed will show dialogue which changes depending on if the seed is currently growing or not in its current conditions, allowing the player to discern which seed they have found. When a seed meets the required condition, it will grow after 3 - 7 days. If the seed's conditions were Winter or Marsh Turf, it will be a Gloomthorn Sapling. If the seed's conditions were Summer or Rocky Turf, it will be a Sproutrock Sapling.

Tree Growth Condition Harvest
Season Turf
Gloomthorn.png Winter
Winter Icon.png
Marsh Turf Nightberry.pngx4
Sproutrock.png Summer
Summer Icon.png
Rocky Turf Geode Fruit.pngx3

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