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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Waxwell Portrait.png
How annoying. It's locked.

Maxwell, examining a locked Sunken Chest.

Sunken Chests are object exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them.

A Sunken Chest appears in the Ocean in the form of Underwater Salvageable after the player read a Message in a Bottle. They can be retrieved from water with a Pinchin' Winch. They must be hammered to drop their contents plus 3 Broken Shells.

It can also be deconstructed using a Deconstruction Staff for 5 Broken Shells.

Sunken Chest Open.png Contents

Below is a table of the possible Sunken Chest loots

Chance Contents
30% Salt Crystals.png×5-8 Cookie Cutter Shell.png×4-6 Boat Patch.png×2-4 Opulent Pickaxe.png

1 of (Red Gem.png50%, Blue Gem.png50%)

30% Malbatross Feather.png×4-10 Boat Patch.png×4-8 Azure Quill Float.png×2-5 Dusky Spoon.png×1-4 Heavy Weighted Lure.png×0-2 Sea Fishing Rod.png

1 of (Steering Wheel Kit.png20%, Mast.png20%, Blueprint.png(for Tin Fishin' Bin.png)20%, Boat Kit.png20%, Anchor Kit.png20%)

20% Cut Stone.png×3-6 Gold Nugget.png×3-6 Moon Shard.png×3-6 Moon Rock.png×3-6 Opulent Pickaxe.png

1 of (Purple Gem.png50%, Yellow Gem.png20%, Orange Gem.png20%, Green Gem.png10%)

10% Papyrus.png×4-8 Spoiled Fish (DST).png×3-5 Feather Pencil.png×2-4 Thermal Stone Stage 3.png Walking Cane.png Gnarwail Horn.png

1 of (Fashion Goggles.png75%, Compass.png25%)

10% Thulecite.png×4-8 Gears.png×1-2 PickSlashAxe.png Lantern.png Thulecite Suit.png

1 of (Yellow Gem.png50%, Orange Gem.png50%)
1 of (Purple Gem.png90%, Green Gem.png10%)

There is an additional 2% chance of a random trinket among:
Gord's Knot.png ,Gnome.png ,Tiny Rocketship.png ,Frazzled Wires.png ,Ball and Cup.png ,Hardened Rubber Bung.png ,Mismatched Buttons.png ,Bent Spork.png ,Frayed Yarn.png and Wire Hanger.png.

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