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Waxwell Portrait.png
The ceiling is going to collapse!

Maxwell, when announcing a cave-in.

Cave-in Boulders are a special kind of Boulder that can be carried. They can also be mined for rocks using a Pickaxe. The boulders that drop during Cave-ins can be carried, much like Suspicious Marbles, and can even be brought outside the caves. When mined, a Cave-in Boulder drops 2 Rocks with a 40% chance for an extra one, and has a 10% chance to drop 1 Flint.

During an Antlion attack, big boulders will drop on locations close to the players inside caves, damaging them if hit, destroying any Structures nearby, and potentially blocking the way. Like Sinkholes, they can be prevented if the players occasionally give items to the Antlion.

After Shadow Rifts are enabled, boulders also fall during Earthquakes underground. Reinforced Pillars work to prevent these from falling at no extra cost.

Cave-in Boulders are also found on the way from Lunar Grotto to the Ancient Archive.

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