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Sure beats a paper airplane.


Some messages are notes, some are maps to special locations.

-Scrapbook Description

A Message in a Bottle is also found in Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. They are found naturally in the Coastal Ocean, and can also spawn every 1 to 2 days 40m from the players in the Ocean. The spawning bottle will need 5m of clear space in the Ocean, and must be at least 35m from any flotsam. The spawning attempt will happen even if the player is on land, but the attempt will fail and retry every 60 seconds.

Sunken Chest Marker.

The first message read by a player reveals the Crabby Hermit's location, unless the player already met the Crabby Hermit. Otherwise, reading a message has a 34% chance to generate and reveal a new Sunken Chest and a 66% chance to reveal nothing. If 4 or more markers are active at a time, the position of an already existing Sunken Chest is revealed instead.

After reading, the Message in a Bottle turns into an Empty Bottle.

Gramophone.png Quotes

If a Message in a Bottle does not reveal a position, it will contain a message instead:

  • I know you're still out there, my dear. I won't ever give up.
  • I'm waiting for you. At the spot where we first met. I've been waiting so long...
  • Please come home. I miss you so much.
  • I still have the last gift you gave me. "A pearl for Pearl"... remember?
  • I'll keep sending messages, until one reaches you...
  • Have you found your treasure yet? When you do, will you come home?

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • If the player tries to spawn the Message in a Bottle using the Console and reads it, the character will say "This message is faded, I can't read it".
  • Messages in a Bottle were introduced to Don't Starve Together in the She Sells Sea Shells update.
  • In DST, if the player writes in the command line "c_give("messagebottle_throwable",1)" then the game will give out a bottle with a message that can be equipped and thrown at objects or on the ground. If you throw this bottle with a message at an object in the sea, it will sink.
  • The fact that the glass color of the bottle has a slightly turquoise tint may indicate that it is made from moon glass (Moon Shard). This may explain how Pearl makes these bottles.