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There's rocks growing out of that bush!


This needs some fertilizing after planting.

-For ItemScrapbook Description

Stone Fruit Bushes are Plants exclusive to Don't Starve Together that can be found on the Lunar Island. They can be harvested to obtain 3 Stone Fruit.

Stone Fruit Bushes can be dug up with a Shovel to be replanted in a new location, but doing so will require that the bush be Fertilized before producing more Stone Fruit. A fertilized bush will support 3 harvests. Another method of attainment is by planting Sprouting Stone Fruit, the Stone Fruit Bushes plant by this way don't need to be fertilized. Stone Fruit Bushes also grow during Winter.

Stone Fruit Bush has 4 stages and it cycle around them. It can be harvested only in the Pick stage.

Stage Time
Stone Fruit Bush Empty.png Empty 2 days ± 1 minute
Stone Fruit Bush Prepick.png Prepick 3 minutes ± 1 minute
Stone Fruit Bush Planted.png Pick 3 days ± 1 minute
Stone Fruit Bush Crumble.png Crumble 1 day ± 1 minute

A Stone Fruit Bush in crumble stage looks similar to the Pick stage, but there are cracks on the Stone Fruits on the bush. Harvesting at this stage obtains nothing but reverts it to the empty stage.

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