Fanged Bumper

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: Year of the Dragonfly icon.png Year of the Dragonfly

Wilson Portrait.png
When you mess with a dragon boat, you get the horns!

Wilson, when examining a Fanged Bumper

Wilson Portrait.png
A soon-to-be boat bumper.

Wilson, when examining a Fanged Bumper Kit

The Fanged Bumper Kit is a craftable Item in the Offerings filter, exclusive to Don't Starve Together introduced in Year of the Dragonfly event. It requires 3 Lucky Gold Nugget to craft. Used to strengthen the raft by installing a bumper on the edge of the vessel. It has 40 durability, which provides a small protection for the raft from collision damage. If it is damaged and not destroyed, the player can use Twigs to repair it.