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Palm Trees are a variety of Tree found in Beach biomes in the Shipwrecked DLC. When chopped down with an Axe, they yield Logs and Palm Leaves. Fully-grown Palm Trees will grow Coconuts, which will also drop when the tree is cut down. The Coconuts can be planted to create Palm Tree Saplings, which grow into new Palm Trees. They can also be split into 2 halves with a Machete, allowing them to be used as food, however they can no longer be planted once split. As with almost all trees (with the exception of the Mangrove Tree), the stump may be dug up with a Shovel to yield another Log.

Palm Trees may be destroyed by Strong Winds.

Similar to its Evergreen and lumpy evergreen counterparts, when a Palm Tree is chopped down, there is a chance that some nearby Palm Trees may become Palm Treeguards. Palm Treeguards will not spawn before day 4 starts. Chopping down a Palm Tree has a 1/75 chance to spawn Palm Treeguards. Provided that there are enough Palm Trees around, before day 31, 3 Palm Treeguards will spawn. Starting from day 31, there is a 50% chance a 4th will also spawn. After day 80, a minimum of 4 will spawn, with 50% chance to spawn a 5th.

While Chopping down fully grown Palm Trees, there is a 1% chance for a Coconut to fall on every strike. The Coconut deals 20 damage, which can be partially mitigated by wearing Armor. The fallen Coconut stays intact and can be collected.

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  • Strangely, Palm Trees grow huskless coconuts.
  • When planting coconuts that are very close to rotting they can actually become Rot on the ground if they do not reach the first stage before their rot timer runs out.

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