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This category page lists objects that can be set on fire. For items that can used for fuel, see Category:Fuel.

Flammable Objects are items and objects in the game that can be set on fire directly by a Torch, Fire Staff, and Willow's Lighter. They can also be set aflame by fire hazards such as Camp Fires, Stars, and Lightning strikes. Flammable Objects turn into Ashes or Charcoal if they're left on fire for too long. The amount of Ashes depends on how much was in the stack before it got burnt. Some of the Flammable items can also be used as a fuel on Campfire and Fire Pit. Flammable Objects does not apply to mobs which are "on fire".

Note: Some items and structures are only flammable in Reign of Giants DLC. Those which are non-flammable in vanilla, but flammable in Reign of Giants DLC are marked with both tags.

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