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This category contains Turf items, many of which were first implemented into Don't Starve in the Turf! update.

Turfs can be obtained using a Pitchfork by right-clicking on a patch of ground while the tool is equipped. Once dug out, the item will appear in the middle of the barren rectangular tile. A few Turfs, such as Checkerboard Flooring, can also be crafted but must be prototyped with an Alchemy Engine. Those that aren't craftable are non-renewable, except for Marsh Turf. Many Biomes are covered in a single type of Turf.

Turfs can be replaced on any bare ground tile. These items are also flammable and can be used as Fuel for Campfires and, in the Reign of Giants DLC, Endothermic Fires. All Turf items stack up to 10.

For more information, see Turfs.