Rose-Colored Glasses

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Rose-Colored Glasses is a hat that can be crafted and used only by Winona with the "Shadow Seeker I" skill.

If Winona with Rose-Colored Glasses goes to the border of the land, she can spawn Dark Vestige there, provided that opposite the border, 3 turf away, there is land on which you can stand. In this case, you can click on Dark Vestige and a temporary bridge of roses will appear, which will disappear after a couple of seconds.

Winona with Rose-Colored Glasses can also click on some Charlie or shadow aligned structures and spawn a Dark Vestige. After clicking on that Dark Vestige the player will get Nightmare Fuel. After that you can't get more Nightmare Fuel from structures for some time. Here is list of structures that can be used with Rose-Colored Glasses to get Nightmare Fuel or Pure Horror:

Shadow Seeker II.png Shadow Seeker II

Winona with the "Shadow Seeker II" skill can get from Charlie or shadow aligned structures Pure Horror with a 5% chance instead of Nightmare Fuel. You will get Pure Horror with a 25% chance instead of Nightmare Fuel from:

Winona with the "Shadow Seeker II" skill can use 'Rose-Colored Glasses on Worm Holes or Big Slimy Pits to teleport to another Worm Hole or Big Slimy Pit.

Additionally, if you "closely examine" flowers, Dark Vestige will appear and you can pick up a Fragile Rose. You can "closely examine" it again to remove Dark Vestige. After death with Fragile Rose in the inventory, you will revive next to the Florid Postern or next to a Night Light if one exists.

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