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It's glittery and mesmerizing, like a fire!


The Iridescent Gem is a Don't Starve Together exclusive item, introduced in A New Reign. It can be acquired in three ways: by using a Deconstruction Staff on the Moon Caller's Staff, by picking them from the naturally-spawning Ornate Pedestals in the Ancient Archive biome, or by crafting it through Wilson's alchemy.

The Iridescent Gem can be fed to Rock Lobsters, Slurtles and Snurtles , socketed into the Crab King (for the effects of one of each gem), or placed upon an Ornate Pedestal to power the Ancient Archive. It cannot be used to craft the Moon Caller's Staff.

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Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Iridescent Gem was introduced in the A Little Fixer Upper update.
  • The gem bears a strong resemblance to an opal, having a white hue with a colorful tint. This is also indicated by the gem's spawn code.
  • This gem is the only item that is obtained exclusively by destroying something with a Deconstruction Staff, as well as being the only gem that is not destroyed by the Deconstruction Staff.
  • Unlike other Gems, the Iridescent Gem cannot be socketed into Cratered Moonrock or into Winona's G.E.M.erator. Trying to do so in either case will trigger a failure announcement:
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I don't think that one'll work here.

Woodie, after failing to socket an Iridescent Gem

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