Thulecite Fragments

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I could combine several piles to make a bigger piece.


Thulecite Fragments are broken pieces of Thulecite which can be used to craft Thulecite, repair a broken Ancient Pseudoscience Station, or repair damaged Thulecite Walls. Six fragments are needed to craft one chunk of Thulecite, and the player must be near an Ancient Pseudoscience Station.

Slurtles and Snurtles will attempt to eat dropped Thulecite Fragments, and Slurtles will attack a player holding Thulecite Fragments if there isn't any other mineral around for them to eat.

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  • If you need to turn Thulecite into fragments, craft walls and hammer them. 1 Thulecite becomes 6 walls which yield 1 fragment each, making this process completely reversible at the minor cost of hammer durability.

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