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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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Small and gelatinous.


The Gummy Slug is a Food Item exclusive to the Hamlet DLC, which can be found exclusively under Stone Slabs. Eating one, raw or cooked, will restore Hunger, but at the cost of Sanity.

A Gummy Slug can be combined with a sweetener to cook a Gummy Cake in the Crock Pot. The Gummy Cake will also reduce the Sanity of the player but will restore much more Hunger (the same amount as a Meaty Stew).

Webber and Wilba can eat Gummy Slugs without the Sanity Penalty. Wilba will turn into a Werepig after eating two gummy slugs.

Cooked Gummy Slug

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I'd rather eat me hat.


The Cooked Gummy Slug is a Food item made by cooking a Gummy Slug on a CampfireFire Pit, or other viable source of fire. They restore 1 health, 12.5 hunger but drain -5 sanity and spoil faster.

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