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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
It's rather poisonous when it's not ripe.

Wickerbottom, when examining Tuber.

Wendy Portrait.png
Perhaps I'm lucky and it's still poisoned.

Wendy, when examining Fried Tuber.

Tuber is a Vegetable Food Item exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It can be found on a Tuber Tree, when hacked with a Machete or Luxury Machete. Each hacked Tree yields up to 3 Tubers, with 3 Machete hits for each Tuber. Tubers are poisonous due to the fact they are not ripe; they are found in this state in Temperate and Humid Season.

Raw Tuber restores 12.5 Hunger Meter.png and 10 Health Meter.png when eaten and takes 20 Days to spoil. Fried Tuber restores 18.5 Hunger Meter.png and 3 Health Meter.png when eaten and takes 6 Days to spoil, and they can also be used as fuel. However, the player will get poisoned while eating them, either raw or fried.

Tuber cannot be used as an ingredient in the Crock Pot.

Blooming Tuber

Willow Portrait.png
The flower means it's ripe.

Willow, when examining Blooming Tuber.

Webber Portrait.png
Remember French Fries?

Webber, when examining Fried Blooming Tuber.

Blooming Tuber is a Vegetable Food Item found on Blooming Tuber Trees during Lush Season.

Raw Blooming Tuber restores 12.5 Hunger Meter.png and 10 Health Meter.png when eaten and takes 20 Days to spoil. Fried Blooming Tuber restores 18.5 Hunger Meter.png, 3 Health Meter.png and 5 Sanity Meter.png when eaten, and takes 6 Days to spoil, and they can also be used as fuel. Unlike the Tuber, Blooming Tuber will not poison the player.

Just like Tuber, Blooming Tuber cannot be used as an ingredient in the Crock Pot.

Icon Tools.png Usage

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Prototype.png Tips

  • WX-78 is able to eat unripe Tubers as they are not affected by Poison.
  • Since Pigs will eat any food left on the ground, one can drop an unripe Tuber near a Pig Guard, poisoning it and making it easier to kill it.
  • As Blooming Tubers are only abundant during the Lush Season they allow one to easily stockpile food using Bundling Wraps.
  • The Mud Spa sells Anti-venom for 5 Oincs, making this a potentially good method of healing in specific occasions if the Mud Spa has been located.