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Lush Season is the third season in Don't Starve: Hamlet. It comes after the Humid Season, the main features of this season are brambles and allergies. During this season, most plants change texture to bloom. With standard settings, it starts on day 23 and ends on day 36. The beginning of the season is accompanied by rare gusts of wind.

During the flowering season, Tuber Trees begin to bloom. You can learn about this by the presence of greenery and flowers on the tree. When chopping a tree this season, Blooming Tubers drops out of it, which, unlike immature tubers, do not poison the character when eaten.

When the flowering season arrives, brambles appear in several biomes. Most often, they simply block the path, so that they can simply be bypassed - otherwise, the thickets can be dispersed, but each hit on them inflicts 3 damage to the character. damage. Wormwood can absorb damage with a Bramble Husk. Blooming brambles can be found in the Bramble Bloom, the Bramble Bulb of which can be used to create a Dense Turf.

Pollen causes Hay Fever. During the pollen period, the screen becomes cloudy from the edges to the center; after the character sneezes, the screen clears a bit. When a character sneezes, a random item drops out of the inventory, as if taking damage from a frog or creeper, and sanity decreases. To avoid allergies, you should create a gas mask, eat nettles (the best option would be to make Meated Nettles) and Seed Pod.

Seasonal Changes