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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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Totally tubular.


Tuber Trees are Plants introduced in the Hamlet DLC. They can be found in the Painted Biome.

They have a seasonal life cycle: In the Temperate and Humid Seasons, they will not be mature, then they will bloom in the Lush Season, finally returning to their original state once Lush Season ends.

Unlike other trees, which cannot be chopped down with an Axe, Tuber Trees can be hacked using a Machete or Luxury Machete instead.

A fully grown Tuber Tree yields up to three Tubers, taking three (one for Obsidian MacheteShipwrecked icon.png) hits with the Machete each. While regular, unripe Tubers will Poison the player when eaten, Blooming Tuber yielded during the Lush Season are safe to eat.

Tuber Trees leave a stump like most trees after hacking several times (12 hits for big tree, 9 hits for small tree). As the Trees are not completely destroyed during this process, they will slowly regrow the hacked Tuber every 4 days, into the smaller version of the normal or blooming tuber tree. The stump can be dug up by a Shovel, producing a Tuber. The stumps will not regrow. Like other trees, they have a chance to be Peculiar, making them investigatable with a Magnifying Glass or Wagstaff's Spectoggles.

Tuber Trees can catch on fire. A burnt Tuber Tree can be destroyed with a Machete, producing Charcoal.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Due to Tuber Trees not being renewable, one should avoid triggering the lightning that Thunderbirds produce since one cannot replace the burnt Tuber Tree.