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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

Wilson Portrait.png
There's something unusual about it.

Wilson, when examining a peculiar object

Peculiar Objects are variants of objects available in the Hamlet DLC and its compatible DLC worlds. They are a slightly different color from their ordinary counterparts. Examining an object (e.g. by holding control while highlighting it) will reveal whether it is peculiar or not. For instance, the highlight text for a Claw Palm Tree is "Examine Claw Palm Tree" while a peculiar one would say "Examine Peculiar Claw Palm Tree". Investigating with a Magnifying Glass or Spectoggles confirms if a hidden treasure exists or not. If the player receives confirmation, destroying the object yields additional loot. Furthermore, the player must first confirm the existence of the treasure before destroying the object. Failure to do so will not yield additional loot. Peculiar objects can include Boulders and Trees. If the Peculiar Object is a tree, the treasure will not spawn until the stump is dug up.


When a peculiar resource is fully harvested, a reward will be added to the object's regular drops. There is a 50% chance for the reward to be "High-tier", and a 50% chance for it to be "Medium-tier." Multiple items are within each of these tiers, and are weighted equally among the tier.

Item Medium-Tier High-Tier
Flint.png Yes No
Gold Nugget.png Yes No
Oinc.png Yes No
Tenpiece Oinc.png Yes No
Trinkets.png Yes No
Lost Idol.pngLost Totem.pngRelic Fragment.png No Yes

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