Pig Village

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These pigs have questionable
taste in architecture.


A Pig Village is a settlement of Pigs and 5-9 Pig Houses, sometimes with a Pig King in it who's surrounded by Obelisks. Sometimes there are Carrots, Flowers, Grass Tufts, and Berry Bushes in farms of nine, fewer if the amount of those plants (other than Flowers) has been tweaked for Sandbox Mode. Some villages may also spawn with Merm Heads.

Pig Villages usually spawn in a Grassland biome close to a Forest biome, though they rarely spawn in other biomes such as Rockyland or Savanna. A Cobblestone Road will usually lead to a Pig Village but there is a chance that it might not. 

World size Number of villages
default 1-3
medium 1-3
large 2-3



Other Associated Structures

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