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Wendy getting struck by lightning.


Lightning occurs naturally during heavy Rain, striking up to 10 units away from the player. Mobs and objects within a 3 unit radius of the point of touch-down can be set on Fire. Lightning can also strike the player through unnatural occurrences (none of which will cause any Health damage), such as Touch Stone resurrection, using a Telelocator Staff, or damaging an Ancient Pseudoscience Station.

Lightning Rod can be used to safely attract lightning strikes within a 40 unit radius (about 10 Pitchfork tiles), and will emit Light for roughly two days after being struck.

Lightning can also initiate WX-78's System Overload perk, giving them a range of abilities, unless WX equips an Umbrella or a Pretty Parasol. The Pretty Parasol cannot be set on fire by Lightning.

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Wigfrid Portrait.png
I röde in ön a bölt öf lightning.

Wigfrid, when lightning damage is avoided

In all DLCs, lightning can strike the player, dealing 10-20 points of damage, depending on the player's Wetness. Wearing any piece of insulated clothing will prevent damage from lightning or electricity.

In RoG, Volt Goats will attract lightning strikes in the same manner as Lightning Rods. When struck, they become charged (making them aggressive). Charged Volt Goats deal additional electricity damage, and can drop Electric Milk when killed. Eyebrella, Rain Coat, and Rain Hat are the insulated items available in RoG.

In SW, the Hurricane Season has very frequent lightning strikes during storms. While it isn't considered a lightning strike, when attacked, Jellyfish will also deal electricity damage to the attacker. Dumbrella, Snakeskin Jacket, and Snakeskin Hat are the insulated items available in SW.

In HAM, lightning strikes occur during the Humid Season. Thunderbirds will attack the player and other creatures with three lightning strikes if they get too close to their nest.

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In Don't Starve Together, damaging an Ancient Pseudoscience Station will not cause lightning strikes.

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