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Humid Season is one of three Seasons in the Hamlet DLC, starting on day 12 and ending on day 22, lasting 10 days. It is indicated with the world having a bright blue tint. Humid Season leads to Lush Season, so player should prepare for coming Hay Fever. A few weather changes occur during this season, like intense Rain and Heavy Fog. during the Heavy Fog the player may run slower if wearing a clothing item, and become wetter over time. It is probable that the BFB will spawn during this time.

Seasonal Changes

While the fog is around, the player's character will announce that their current armor or hat is too hot or too heavy and will move at a reduced speed. Taking off the clothing will make the player move back at normal speed.

The Pith Hat and Cowl will negate the slowness that fog causes, allowing the use of the torso slot without being slowed. The Weevole Mantle will also cancel out the slowness that fog causes.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • In the Hamlet closed beta, Humid season didn't have its own work music, and instead played the Summer theme from the base game, but it did have its own unique combat theme. As of now, it has its own work theme.