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Augh! It's so evil!


Evil Flowers are a type of Flower that spawn around the Wooden Thing, most Set Pieces for the other Things, Totally Normal Trees, certain other set pieces, and Maxwell's Door. Evil Flowers provide Dark Petals when picked. Evil Flowers act the same as regular flowers, spawning Butterflies and attracting Bees. New Evil Flowers can spawn if an unpicked Evil Flower is pollinated by a homeless Bee. In the base game, if no unpicked Evil Flowers are available, there is no way to obtain more.

Evil Flowers drain 25 Sanity in a minute when stood by, 5 when picked, and 5 more if the player eats the Dark Petals it provides. Since the Dark Petals don't have any sort of purpose when eaten and only drain Sanity, it is advised that the player not eat them unless they want to purposely lower their Sanity to fight Shadow Creatures or move Obelisks. 4 Dark Petals can also be crafted into Nightmare Fuel.


Using Evil Flowers is one of the few ways to acquire Nightmare Fuel without lowering Sanity to low levels sanity or insanity inducing items. For this reason, it may be of interest for players to cultivate Evil Flowers as a means of supplementing their supply of Nightmare Fuel. Unlike normal Flowers, Evil Flowers cannot be manually planted.

The player should begin by crafting a Bug Net and capturing some number of Bees. Once captured, these Bees; become "homeless" and will not return to their hive. After releasing these Bees near some existing Evil Flowers, they will begin to visit them as they would normally. It is also necessary for the player to be near the area the Bees are working, since the bee's AI routine will not run if the player is too far away.

Bees must visit 6 different flowers before they can plant another flower. The flower that is planted will depend upon which type of flowers the 6 were, so as soon as you have 6 evil flowers in the area it is a good idea to eliminate any normal flowers so the evil flower chance becomes 100%. Most often the Bees will plant the flower after the 6th flower is visited, but there is a small chance it will visit another flower or land without planting. Clearing the area of Trees, Grass etc. will also make it easier to spot newly spawned Evil Flowers.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Evil Flowers were introduced in A Little Rain Must Fall update.
  • Evil Flowers resemble stylized flowers that can sometimes be found adorning fabrics or wallpaper, and which are faintly seen on Maxwell's walls in some of the William Carter Puzzle images.
  • As Willow, standing close to a burning Evil Flower will cause Sanity to drop, despite Fire usually raising Willow's sanity. This is because Evil Flowers drain Sanity faster than fire restores it.
  • All Evil Flowers have the letter "W" in their design.

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