Fountain of Youth

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The Fountain of Youth is a naturally-spawning object. It can be found on an isolated island, reachable only by going through ruins with an artichoke above the entrance. The Fountain can be interacted with to obtain Magic Water, but doing so will spawn the Pugalisk from the nearby Ominous Carving.

As long as there are no Magic Waters or Magic Flowers that exist in the Hamlet world, the fountain will regenerate after 1 day and will spawn another Pugalisk if the previous one was killed.

Some Teetering Pillars and Ancient Walls can be found around the Fountain.

Teetering Pillar

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The Teetering Pillar is a naturally spawning object in Hamlet. A set of 8 Teetering Pillars can be found around the Fountain of Youth. They can be mined for 3 Rocks. A Pugalisk can destroy the pillars when fighting around the fountain. If mined or destroyed, the pillars will left debris, which can't be removed.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Magic Waters that exist in another world (via transport using the Skyworthy or Seaworthy) or are stored inside a Bundling Wrap are not counted and will not prevent the fountain from regenerating.

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