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Friends made a trap!


The Bramble Trap is a character-specific Weapon similar to the Tooth Trap, only available in the Hamlet DLC and Don't Starve Together. It is craftable by Wormwood from the Green Thumb Tab using a Living Log and a Stinger. It can be placed on the ground and deals 40 damage in a radius of one Pitchfork tile when it is stepped on by a Mob, also damaging Walls. This can damage the player, but the player will not activate it by stepping over it. The splash damage can be avoided by wearing a Bramble Husk, which will negate its damage without losing any durability. Like a Tooth Trap, it has 10 uses and must be reset after each use.

Bramble Trap damage will not aggro nearby mobs, nor will it increase a player's Naughtiness. Bramble Traps are also fireproof. A Bramble Trap can be picked up and placed elsewhere at any time, regardless of having been triggered or not.

The following Mobs will not activate Bramble Traps:

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  • Although clustering these traps together can be dangerous, the player can avoid damage altogether from these by wearing a Bramble Husk. This makes farming large groups of enemies like Spiders simple and easy.

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