Belt of Hunger

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So tight I barely remember the gnawing hunger!


The Belt of Hunger is a wearable Magic item. It requires 6 Slurper Pelts, 2 Rope, and 2 Nightmare Fuel to craft and a Shadow Manipulator to prototype. The Sewing Kit repairs 63% of its durability.

While worn, it restores Sanity by 2/min and reduces Hunger loss by 40%.

Using the belt with characters that lose Hunger at a normal rate (75/day) will make them lose only 45 points per day. Wolfgang's normal form will lose 67.5 while his mighty form will lose 135/day, and Wes will lose 56.25/day.

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In the Hamlet DLC, Belt of Hungers can be bought for 20 Oincs at The Flying Pig Arcane Shop in the Pig City, making it renewable in this DLC.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Because Slurpers do not respawn without regenerating the Caves with the Seed of Ruin, it's recommended to use the Sewing Kit on the Belt of Hunger to repair it rather than letting it degrade and crafting a new one.
  • This item is excellent for Wolfgang, as it completely nullifies his hunger problems and for Wigfrid, since her inability to eat non-Meaty foods can be very risky, especially when traveling to distant places from base.
    • It's also useful for Wes and Wilbur, due to practically nullyfing their increased hunger drain (when running, for the latter).

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