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Good for watering.


The Sprinkler is a craftable Structure exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is found in the Food Tab, requires 2 Alloy, 1 Blue Gem and 6 pieces of Ice to craft, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype. Sprinklers have a radius that requires them to be close to nearby Water. When built, a pipe appears which connects them to the water.

Nettle Vines that are planted near the Sprinkler will grow outside of Humid Season. Additionally, farms planted within the Sprinkler radius will grow crops faster.

Sprinklers must be fueled, and the amount of fuel is indicated by a red gauge on the front similar to the Ice Flingomatic. It can accept any type of Fuel. A full tank allows the Sprinkler to run for approximately 7.5 min or 15 day segments.

If a player stands within the radius, they will quickly become wet from the Sprinkler at a rate of ~3 Wetness per second. This can be prevented by wearing water-resistant or water-proofing items (eg., Rain Coat, Eyebrella, Umbrella).