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A bird, huh? Real funny, Luce.


The Wooden Walking Stick is a Character-specific Item craftable by Woodie in Don't Starve Together. It can only be crafted in Woodie's Survivor Filter after unlocking Cane Carving in his Skill Tree.

It requires 3 Logs, 1 Charcoal, and Lucy the Axe to craft, with Lucy not being consumed in the process.

The Walking Stick can be equipped by any character. While equipped, it increases the character's speed by 15%, which is 10% less than a Walking Cane. Also unlike the Cane, the Stick has a durability of 4 in-game days, after which it breaks. Additionally, it can be added to a Campfire or Fire Pit for fuel, even when its durability is nearly gone.

Prototype.png Tips

  • This item is valuable for Woodie to craft for himself and other players in the early game, as it has a very low cost and allows for a handheld walking speed bonus before you acquire Walrus Tusks.
  • While a player can attack with the Stick equipped, it technically cannot be used as a weapon, as the character will do the slow unarmed punching animation and deal 10 damage.
    • Attacking with the Stick equipped does not drain its durability.

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