Captain's Tricorn

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I think it makes me look very dashing and captain-like.


Reduces collision damage and decay damage on boats by half.

-Scrapbook Description

The Captain's Tricorn is a Hat Item exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in The Curse of Moon Quay update. It is obtained by killing a Prime Mate during a Pirate raid and is required to craft Polly Roger's Hat.

When worn by the player, it reduces the durability loss rate of the Boat the player is on by half and reduces collision damage by half. This includes the persistent durability loss of Grass Rafts.

  • Notably, the Captains Tricorn does not reduce durability loss from other sources, such as Crab Kings Imposing Claws.

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  • The Captain's Tricorn can be considered the Don't Starve Together equivalent to the Captain Hat in Shipwrecked as both items serve to reduce the durability loss of boats. However, it has a far more similar design to the Pirate Hat.

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