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Wagstaff Portrait.png
A short range, aerial teleportation antenna in convenient-to-carry umbrella form.

Wagstaff, when examining the Telebrella

The Telebrella is a Character-exclusive Item craftable only by Wagstaff. It is found in the Tinkering Tab, and requires a Electrical Doodad and a Pretty Parasol to craft.

When equipped in the hand slot, a prompt to "Use Gadget" appears where the cursor is on the field, and right-clicking will teleport the character to the nearest Telipad within range.

The Telebrella has a limited range (about a half distance of map radius), meaning the player must be within a certain range of a Telipad for it to be used. If the player ventures too far away from a Telipad, they cannot teleport. The light on top of the device indicates how far away the player is from a Telipad, glowing green when close but will begin to blink and blink faster as the player gets too far away, along with a sound accompanying each blink. If the light is completely dim and makes no noise, the player is too far away and must get closer to the Telipad before it can be used.

The Telebrella can also be used as a melee weapon, but this is not recommended as it deals only 17 damage and breaks after 10 uses.

Gift Icon.png Downloadable Content

In the DLCs, the Telebrella has a 35% Wetness protection.


  • It is impractical to build a Telelocator Focus while having access to the Telebrella (with a Telipad). Even though the Telebrella has a limited range, it's a lot cheaper to use it instead of the Telelocator Focus (The Telebrella costs an Electrical Doodad and a Pretty Parasol to craft, and a Telipad to use, while the Telelocator Focus costs 4 Nightmare Fuel, 4 Living Logs and 8 Gold Nuggets to craft, needing 3 Purple Gems and a Telelocator Staff to use it).
  • If the player gets struck by lightning while equipping the Telebrella, it would force the umbrella to activate even when there aren't any Telipads present in the world, resulting in a loss of 1 use. This activation could be exploited because it can help the player teleport to the Telipad even if they aren't within range. Potentially, the player can teleport a further distance with the help of Thunderbirds to get back to base or another important place at the cost of some HP.