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The Shoddy Tool is a special tool for Merms. Common Merms that are close to a Shoddy Tool Shed and do not have a tool in hand will craft for themselves a Shoddy Tool and equip it. If the player has a follower Merm with a Shoddy Tool, it will help you to chop trees, mine boulders, dig up stumps and dig up the beds. If a Merm without tools finds a dropped Shoddy Tool, it will pick it up.

The player can get this item from Merms that were holding it before death. However, players cannot use this tool.

Slightly Less Shoddy Tool

The Slightly Less Shoddy Tool is a Shoddy Tool accessed by a Slightly Less Shoddy Tool Shed. They have double the durability of Shoddy Tools and are 50% more effective at their work tasks.