Brambleshade Armor

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
This content is available only after activating the Map Icon Lunar Rift.png Lunar Rift

Reflects damage back at enemies and even more for ones that are Shadow Aligned.

-Scrapbook Description

The Brambleshade Armor is a character-specific Armor Item craftable only by Wormwood. It is can be crafted only if Wormwood have "Lunar Guardian I" Skill. Only Wormwood can equip Brambleshade Armor

It has 830 durability and absorbs 80% of physical damage. Whenever a Character wearing the Bramble Husk is attacked by a Mob, 22.6 average damage and 5 Planar Damage is dealt to each Mob within a radius of one tile. This effect is not triggered by taking non-impact damage sources such as heat, cold, acid rain or hunger.

It also has the added bonus of preventing damage from Spiky Bushes, Cactus, Roses, and Bramble Traps. This means that one can harmlessly harvest Spiky Bushes or stand next to a Bramble Trap when it is triggered and not take any splash damage. Durability of the armor is not decreased when this effect occurs.

Bramble Husk Specialist.pngBramble Husk Specialist

If Wormwood has the "Bramble Husk Specialist" Skill, he will deal 22.6 damage and 5 Planar Damage after every 3rd attack without being attacked. The effect does not deal damage to followers and works while riding a Beefalo.