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Exclusive to: Shipwrecked icon.png

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Prime Ape Huts are naturally spawning Structures found in the Shipwrecked DLC. They are found in the Jungle biome, and spawn Prime Apes. They can also be crafted using 10 Twigs, 3 Bananas and 4 Manure, and require an Alchemy Engine to prototype. Each hut supports 3 or 4 Prime Apes, and new Prime Apes will spawn after 120 seconds to replace any that are killed.

As with any other craftable structure, Prime Ape Huts, including naturally occurring ones, can be Hammered to return half of the resources needed to craft it, as well as a Gnome (1% of the time), or a Tarnished Crown (10% of the time if Wilbur is not unlocked). When Hammered, one or two Prime Apes may also escape before the hut is destroyed, and become aggressive towards the player, throwing Manure.

If a Prime Ape Hut is built in the Ruins, the Prime Apes spawned from it will be affected by the Nightmare Cycle.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • A Purple Gem, Spoiled Fish, Dubloons, a Hound's Tooth, a coconut and a Banana Peel can all be seen inside of the hut if one looks closely.
  • Its old crafting description was "Wanna monkey around?".
  • The Prime Ape Hut's spawn code is similar to that of the Splumonkey Pod which used to be a barrel in reference to the phrase "more fun than a barrel of monkeys".