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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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The Oscillating Fan is a craftable Structure exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is found in the Science Tab, requires 2 Alloy, 2 Electrical Doodads and 1 Gear to craft, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

While active, the fan prevents the effects of Hay Fever and will dry the player off very rapidly (5 times as fast) even in Fog or Rain as long as the player is within a certain range of the fan.

When crafted, the fan will display a radius for effect, similar to the Ice Flingomatic. The fan can be turned on or off, but will automatically turn off when it runs out of fuel. The player is able to refuel it with regular Fuel items along with Nitre.

In the Shipwrecked DLC, the Oscillating Fan can be flooded.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • Oscillating Fan accepts an infinite amount of fuel therefore wasting any additional fuel given that would surpass its 5 days limit.