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The Midsummer Cawnival is a seasonal event in Don't Starve Together that recurs in the month of June. The event is based on Summer solstice celebrations, and is meant to be a Summer equivalent to the annual Winter's Feast event celebrated on the opposite end of the year.[4]

Midsummer's Cawnival is celebrated as a part of Klei Entertainment's larger "Klei Fest" event, in which they add celebratory content updates to many of their different games and run sales on the games for the duration of the event.[5][6]

Corvus Goodfeather

Winona Portrait.png
That's one fancy crow.


Corvus Goodfeather allows the player to begin the event as well as purchase games and tokens once the Cawnival Tree has been placed. He will stay at the Florid Postern if the Cawnival Tree is yet to have been planted in a world. However, if the player plants the Cawnival Tree elsewhere and rings the bell, he will fly to the location of the tree.

Corvus is marked out on the map similarly to mobs like Chester. When the player is playing a minigame, he will watch and comment on the player when they are playing the game well. Once the minigame ends, depending on how well the player did, he will give the player extra prize tickets.

Upon getting close enough to Corvus, a new crafting filter will become available named "Cawnival Creation". This filter only has the "Cawnival Sapling" initially. After purchasing and constructing the "sapling" the rest of the filter becomes available.

Cawnival Creation Filter.png Cawnival Creation Filter

The following items can be crafted in the Cawnival Creation Filter:

Cawnival Tree

Woodie Portrait.png
The one thing birds are good for, planting trees.

Woodie, when examining a Cawnival Sapling

Wilson Portrait.png
It doesn't really scream "Cawnival" yet, does it?

Wilson, when examining a Cawnival Tree

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Wolfgang can make it even more beautiful!

Wolfgang, when examining a Cawnival Tree Level 2

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining a Cawnival Tree Level 3

The Cawnival Tree is a craftable structure that is only available during the Midsummer Cawnival event. Interacting with the placed tree will allow the player to ring a bell, summoning Corvus Goodfeather to fly to the tree. Placing the tree also unlocks new items in the "Cawnival Creation" crafting tab when the player interacts with Corvus Goodfeather. The Cawnival Tree can be cut down with 10 hits from an axe to return it as an item.

The appearance of the tree changes slightly as the player adds new decorations around the tree and up to three new Crow Kids will fly in to wander around the Cawnival as the tree is decorated.

Crow Kid

Wigfrid Portrait.png
Nöble ravens! Höw fare thee?


Crow Kids are Cawnival spectators that will appear once the player plants the Cawnival Tree and will wander around and interact with any decorations if the player planted any nearby. The more decorations that are around the Cawnival Tree, the more Crow Kids will fly in. Whenever the player begins a minigame and any Crow Kids are nearby, they will watch the player and cheer them on whenever they are doing well. When the minigame ends, they will drop 1 prize ticket. The player can give the Crow Kids Popcorn or Corny Slush which then will drop 1 prize ticket and 1 "Cawnival Token", after this they will be seen occasionally eating one of the snacks. Only one snack can be given to a Crow Kid at the time and the player will have to wait to give the same Crow Kid a snack again, 1 hour for the Popcorn and 12 minutes for the Corny Slush.

Whenever a hostile mob approaches near them they will fly away from the danger; even a non-hostile Shadow Creature will still cause them to fly away.

Crow Kids have randomized names similar to Bunnymen and Pigs.

Crow Kids are capable of adding fuel to campfires and do so whenever the fire gets low as long as it's night.

Possible Crow Kid names

  • Apollo
  • Ava
  • Baxter
  • Becca
  • Bram
  • Corbett
  • Demetrius
  • Francis
  • Helena
  • Hermia
  • Jet
  • Korbin
  • Lysander
  • Merle
  • Nick
  • Quincy
  • Robyn
  • Russel
  • Swift
  • Symone
  • Tom


When Cawnival has very little decorations

  • Ambient:
    • They must still be setting up.
    • Where's the Party?
    • Most boring Midsummer Cawnival ever.
    • More like Caw-no-val.
    • Looks like I got here too early...
    • I'm gonna tell my friends to wait until there's more set up.
  • Directed at Player:
    • You should decorate more.
    • Where are the decorations?
    • It's not a Cawnival without decorations around the tree!
    • This must be your first Cawnival.

When Cawnival has some decorations

  • Ambient:
    • Nicely set up.
    • It's alright... but it could use from flair.
    • I've seen better Cawnivals.
    • The party is just getting started!
  • Directed at player:
    • You're doing a pretty good job.
    • I wish there were more decorations around the Cawnival Tree...
    • I've seen better Cawnivals. Just saying.
    • Gotta say, last year's Cawnival was better...

When Cawnival has many decorations

  • Ambient:
    • Wow! It's so festive!
    • Best Cawnival ever!
    • Last year's Cawnival was not this fancy.
    • I wanna watch the games!
    • Have you checked out the Prize Booth yet?
  • Directed at player:
    • Wow! It's so festive!
    • Nicely done.
    • You must be good at these games.
    • Have you tried Egg Scramble? It's my favorite game!
    • I watched someone play Hubbub for Grub, and now I'm hungry...
    • Have you won any prizes yet?

Flying Away

  • Caaah!
  • Time to take off!
  • The feathers are flying!
  • No thanks!
  • I'm outta here!
  • Scatter!!

Navigating to a game being played

  • Ooooh someone's playing!
  • Let's watch the featherfree creatures play!
  • Look, someone's about to play!
  • I love watching these games!
  • Oooh, that game's my favorite!

Navigating to another game

  • What kind of game is that?
  • Are the featherfree creatures fighting? I want to watch!

""Hound Wave approaching""

  • There's been a mysterious murder around here...

​When Cawnival has very little decorations & begging for snack

  • Ambient:
    • All this Cawnival fun is making me peckish.
    • Those snacks look so good... I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I snuck a bite...
    • I'm starving after that long trip.
  • Directed at player:
    • Hey, mind sharing your snacks?
    • Where are we from? Oh, you know, here and there...
    • You stay here all year? Wow , not having wings must be tough.

​When Cawnival has some decorations & begging for snack

  • Ambient:
    • What a fun place, nobody chases us away!
    • Who was that, with the red fur? He seemed kinda familiar.
    • I hope we can have the Cawnival here again next year.
  • Directed at player:
    • So where do YOU come from? Just curious!
    • I can't believe you'd never seen a Cawnival before we came! You sure were missing out.
    • You're pretty weird. Has anyone told you that?

When Cawnival has many decorations & begging for snack

  • Ambient:
    • If I eat anymore, I'm gonna pop. Hmm, pop... popcorn... mmmmm...
    • Do you thinkg they're trying to fatten us up and eat us? Naw... they don't look that clever.
    • We're lucky that Corvus found this place.
  • Directed at player:
    • It's nice to rest our wings a little. We usually can't stay in one place too long.
    • Have you seen the lady that watches the Cawnival at night? Squawck about creepy.
    • Are your having fun? I sure am!

Nearby Campfire

  • Did you hear that? You don't think we were followed, do you?
  • This sure is cozy.
  • It's nice to warm your talons by the fire.
  • Theres been a mysterious murder here... And with any luck, we'll be back again next year! Cah-cah-cah!
  • I wonder why the featherfree creatures are so scared of the dark?
  • Does anyone have some corn?

Accepting a gift from player

  • You're just giving this to me? Thanks!
  • Wow, I didn't even have to steal it- I mean, thanks!
  • They just give you stuff around here? Neat!

Refusing a gift from player

  • Unwanted:
    • Oh... wow... um, that's okay, you keep it.
    • Aw, wouldn't ya know it, I'm actually allergic to that exact thing.
    • No thanks, I don't want it.
  • Already has been given something:
    • What's with all the presents? This is starting to feel suspicious...
    • Thanks, but I've already got something!
    • Sorry, busy. Maybe try someone else.

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