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It's just a big shrub.


Hedges are shaped bushes found in the Pig Villages in the Hamlet DLC. They have two forms, cut and grown. Whilst cut, the Hedges cannot be interacted with, but when grown they can be cut either by using a Razor which will result in 1 Clipping or by using Shears which will result in 2 Clippings. Hedges will have a 3% chance to grow every 0.5-1.5 days.

Hedges are not affected by Wickerbottom's Applied Horticulture.

Upon obtaining the Key to the City, the player is also able to craft all variations of Hedges in the City Planning Tab. Using nine Clippings and some Nitre returns three items each which can then be placed similar to Walls. Manual Hedges do not differ in any way from naturally spawning Hedges. Cone Hedge and Layered Hedge can also be used as Fuel for Fire, providing the same burning time as Cut Grass.

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  • The ability to craft Hedges in the City Planning Tab was introduced in an unnamed update after the official release of the Hamlet DLC.

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